New E-mu Drivers And Patchmix Dsp Versions Online

new E-MU drivers and PatchMix DSP Versions online @

seems that e-mu released stable drivers wow

asio performance improvements and multichannel wdm support (8 channels) are the main improvements … (and PowerFX VST seems to work more and more flawless in Renoise!!!)

don’t forget to install my alternate PatchMix DSP skin after the update ;)

tXz SKIN V1.81 (for the PatchMix DSP 1.81)

aha good news… get my 0404 dusted off… :)


me too. thanks. :)

great skin, too btw.

that’s some jolly good news!
thanks for letting us know.

would be interesting to know if anybody noticed improvements with the new drivers

to be honest, i wasn’t using the card anymore. for any reasons i almost forgot.
i was using it just for the buildt in fx. (and just occasionally anyway)
ok, i had an issue about setting the card to 48kHz and after restart, i had to manually set to 44.1 then back to 48 in order to get sound in that bitrate again. (just remembered, have to test it. :) )

but there are this small improvements: no more 2ms, 4ms latency adjustments. there are more values in between. the window size cant be bigger than channels set… (<-now that’s important! :rolleyes: )

maybe it’s just me, but the overall latency of the powerfx seem to be smaller, too.
more to come…

to be honest, apart from the extended choice of ASIO latencies, i didn’t notice any other improvements.
ASIO seems to perform exactly the same as before, i don’t get better latencies without crackles.

the EmuPowerFX VST plugin still generates the same messy audio as it did before.

disappointing, to say the least.

ok … imho asio-latencies are depend by other hardware circumstances too … but with <16ms PowerFX workin very well on my side now. but 16ms isn’t possible on big songs :(

would be interesting to get to know these other circumstances then, because my 1212m always generates audio sounding like THIS if powerfx vst is active, regardless of the ASIO-latency and frequency i set up.
the above audio example has been recorded with ASIO @10ms / 44khz.

alex, do you really get flawless audio with powerfx vst enabled??

yes … I noticed the first positive experience with 1.8 beta (1.0-1.71 & PowerFX was impossible with Renoise) … and now it works (on low cpu-loaded songs with low latencies) …

i don’t know why it won’t work at your side. try the extra-buffer setting of PowerFX … with nearly no cpu-load it should work at your side too …

has anybody new experiences with the new drivers/patchmix… where are the Renoise-E-MU users?!

@ keith303: have a look at the cachedvsts.xml file in the application data folder of your profile.
for the powerfx to work correctly “mNeedsStaticProcessingBuffer” has to be set to “true”

thanks for the hint, sqeetz - /w staticprocessingbuffer enabled i get flawless audio from PowerFX with latencies ranging from 2-5ms.
anything higher results in crackles again.
i also noticed there is a small, but yet noticeable and annoying delay on the respective channels affected by PowerFX.
i tried the EMU delay compensator plugin, but that doesn’t do anything but muting the audio.
however it’s nice to see that things are meanwhile “almost” working and i really hope the next update will have some PowerFX improvements so that it is usable without delay and crackles on higher latencies also.

Heyo, I have done some test…
After going through the whole thing I end up with something very similar to what Keith described. The PowerFX works in renoise (with same small delay)…
Weird fact: how comes that low latency works better than higher latency? I got the best results running at 2… :blink:

Whoa, WDM! Sweet. Now maybe Audition will be multi-track useful.

what exactly is the advantage of having multiple WDM channels?
and what’s WDM short for?
heard and read about it a houndred times (wdm drivers etc), but never really got to know what its all about.

wdm -> Windows Direct Media

now it’s possible to work in wdm-only applications with multiple channels (like Adobe Audition) …
i think you know the sense and use of more than one channel!? ;)

i was using audition’s multitrack editor for remastering purposes before on my 1212m and it worked flawlessly, so i can’t see where there is some kind of improvement.
the only thing i noticed is, that i can add three further wave strips to PatchMix DSP project.
so i guess there is some way to route audition’s audio output to individual strips for adding wdm-channel related effects? scratches head and thinks about its purpose


I’ve updated the tXz skin for E-MU’s PatchMix DSP (V1.81). I decided to re-edit and re-colour the tv section - now the tv-section has more visual contrast and it looks a little bit nicer for me.
in addition I re-coloured the level-meters too with new measurement markings (= a user wish - more info about in the skin-productionforums-topic) … hope you like it!

cheers, Alex



that is looking better indeed Freideuter, good job! :)


splendid work, thanks!