New E-mu Drivers And Patchmix Dsp Versions Online

just installed it. looks really great.

new E-MU drivers are available (V1.82)

better asio performance is named as one improvement …

read this:

just tried the 1.82 drivers and they are so far absolutely the best working drivers for my 1212m.
EMU-PowerFX now works really nicely at low latency settings as i only get few crackles when overall song CPU load goes pretty high.
but even if the implementation of powerFX was perfect by now, it wouldn’t be usable since renoise lacks delay compensation and every powerFX’ed channel will lag behind the rest.
there rather many plugins (izotope ozone, …) which are NOT USABLE with renoise just because it does not offer delay compensation.
it is something which should be considered as highly important and is ought to find its place on the very top of the “to do” list for future versions.
but then again, it’s of course just the opinion of one individual renoise user.

edit: why do i always have to spot typos after submitting the post? ;)

Why do you care so much that they are there?

maybe because i’m not solely posting for myself and want other people to comprehend as well? :blink: