New E.p. On Net Label

yesterday proc-records released an e.p. of 6 kitschwerk tracks i’ve made…’>[proc208] Kitschwerk -.-

I think I speak for every fan of Origami Repetika
when I say that it has been entirely too long since
his last release with us (or anywhere for that matter!!)
Adam Sigmund is one of those guys who doesnt release
very often, but when he does, it is certainly
something to be celebrated.
“Why?” you ask?
Just download any one of his release and you’ll see why.

On this new ep, Adam introduces us to his
latest sound project, Kitschwerk.
A sound that is undeniably Sigmund’s, Adam’s
new alias allows him to further pursue his love-affair
with music without having to be constricted or “weighed-down”
by trying to associate a style or genre with a name.
Kitschwerk gives him the oppurtunity to take his
diversity in sound to un-parralelled heights!!
What’s more, this album has a very classic sound
to it, without using a low bitrate!

The six tracks that make up this album each have a title
in relation to (im guessing) the day they we’re created.
If that IS the case, then it goes without saying that
these pieces are an excellent representaion
of how this gentleman can produce simply amazing sounding
tracks in a very short time-frame!
Complex yet simple all at once, these pieces are quite uplifting
and sure to give your spirits a rise :D

While the entire album’s demeanor is complacent
(much like the artist himself),
there were two track one here that really stuck out.
Tracks three and five BOTH have a charming sound
which are sure to delight the aesthetic senses of ANY individual!!

please, do not pas this album up!
First-rate music is something that everyone deserves
to hear, and what better price is there than FREE?
Adam, your sounds never cease to impress me!
keep them coming, we’ll keep listening :)


Not really my music, but it sounds very nice!

You must have a good relationship with the bitcrusher :P

hahaha i do love my bitcrusher! thanks :D

indeed nice work!
but i would like to hear a bit more progressed structure in the tracks, specially in 10/23/08.
the arranger-thing, y’know.
again, very nice thoughtful tunes.
thanks for sharing.

Thank You Engine!
Yeah i was thinking in future versions to have multiple progressions and chord changes. Basically for these tracks I was playing around with dblue glitch and arpeggio vsts. So i basically settled to have unchanging chord progressions as a foundation for what i can come up with as far as glitchy percussions. but yeah, good idea.