NEW feature - SONGS page!

Santa is back and brings you another promised surprise! Share your songs on from now on!


  • Enabled cookie support
  • Enabled Javascript support (for mailing users)
  • Some talent and guts to expose your songs to massive audience ;)


You can browse songs by music style, latest additions, top list and top download.

Usually if there is more than 5 songs in the list then page selector is displayed below to select appropriate page. Most recent are shown on first page.

How are songs sorted:

a- by date added (latest addition)
b- by their rating/voting (top list), if same then also by date
c- by number of downloads (both MP3 + RNS), if same then also by date


To add a song you must login/register. Just fill in your data and you are in.

Now fill the song details and it appears in the list. If in some future you decide that song link is outdated or obsolete you login again and click on song name you added previously. The song details list fills with song data and you can edit/update it.

When you login a cookie is stored to your hard disk so that you don’t have to login every time. When you logout cookie is deleted from disk. If you want to make sure nobody other using your computer can not modify your songs be sure to logout every time.

Cookie also stores page you selected as default page when you return (latest addition, top chart or top download).

On this screen you can also modify your user data. There are no restrictions, except if someone already choosen username you selected. Also you can update your user data.

All modified song or user data is reflected on song pages instantly.

Your e-mail is displayed with songs as “mailto:” link but it is spam protected using JavaScript so feel free to add real e-mail address.


To vote you must be logged in. Simply select song that you like or dislike and select rating you give to it. Press Rate It and you are done. You can vote only once for same song and you cannot vote for your own songs.


We are not forcing you on almost none of following stuff but please return us a favor and be polite when posting songs:

Voting and number of downloads are provided for you to serve as your own self rating - if you want to cheat that is fine with us, but then you are not having realistic image of your own songs quality. You are cheating on yourself that way.

If you want others to like you, be generous and post RNS files (may be zipped, rared, etc.). MP3 is fine but have in mind that in order to preserve learning spirit RNS files are must. Other than that reason, you can add MP3s as much as you like.

Please don’t add stuff like “mega mega cool cool great song” in Info field. This field is general info field if RNS file requires some VST effects or such stuff. You can add comments if you like here, but please avoid stuff like I just mentioned above.

Terrorizing other users or abusing any part of songs page will not be tolerated!


As usual, all web-related bugs and suggestions go to my email: phazze @ renoise . com

wow, songs page! :yeah:
only one question: how can I send a song if it has no URL? In other words, I have it on my hard disk, but don’t think to have the possibility of putting it on a specific address.
Is there a solution for that?

there are tons of free web-providers.
all artists should have their own webpages (and most do).
go to or any other free web space provider to get some free web address to put your songs on to.

but in some future we also plan FTP for songs. (dunno yet when).

I still see no songs on page and it has been almost 1 hour :)
Go add some!

BTW, if you add MP3 or OGG - Please add it in appropriate field (i.e. not in both!) Later we may make sorting by songs type checkboxes (i.e. MP3 only, RNS only) so then it will list both of them which of course is not correct then.

what about the downlaod counter.

if a person would click (the owner of the song of who ever) click 200 times
then his song counter will be updated! every click.

i know know… hard to bypass but perhaps a suggestion would help.

keep record or parse log file of if adress download url and then set a about 5 minutes delay in counter updates (compare date and times for uniq ip adresses that is)

what you think


ps: the initiative for the song section REWLS!..

how to delete songs?
I’ve added a song, then wanted to modify its info, but I added it another time because I didn’t notice the “click on song name to modify it” label.

btw, I can’t see a link to songs page on the top of the page

you should add it, unless I’m blind :blink: B) :P

ok, delete is in development then ;)

link will be added on title bar very soon. just didn’t had time to do it right away.

about click counter: we’ll have to see, maybe such solution will be fine.

we are not programmers for this forum so therefore new password. you can of course set same for all pages ;) But you don’t have to type password every time, cookie remembers it.

BTW, geocities doesn’t accept redirects :(
that means, that URL will be fine but geocities will display error page. if you go to URL field and press Enter (retry loading) it will work. this is probably because it checks referer. using Anonymizer will probably make such links work.

can you fix it so that it doesn’t publicly display email addresses? Either that or let me edit my email address to something else, cause I don’t want web bots picking it up

e-mail is protected using javascript. take a look at source. web bots must be really smart to pick this form of “email”.

further, this will be replaced soon by artist profile viewer (where you will see all data, email will be again protected but differently…)

link to songs page from title bar is also fixed now.

I would share my RNS, as soon as it would make sense doing it: the 2 songs I’ve released until now (and actually the 2 others I’m writing) use VSTI software samplers, so I should let you download the whole (third-part copyright-protected) huge samplepack, and you also should have a copy of that samplers onto your HD.

The purpose of adding an MP3/OGG on the music DB is to show the power of this program, expecially to new users, plus having another way to promote your music.

If you can’t understand this, you will feel satisfied with

by the way, on my site everyone can download about 90 MOD,XM,IT files I’ve done.

Just to point out that I really would like to share.

ah another thing:
seems like there’s no way to search for author on the songs page :o

Instead of linking the author name to his email address, I would point it to a page where you SELECT FROM songs WHERE Author = …

This way, you could easily discover all the masterpiece your favourite artists did with renoise :yeah:

currently MP3 seems more compact because of large WAV files and no need for VST’s, I think it is nice to hear what people tracked in Renoise. But in future with OGG support it will be also easier to share smaller RNS songs than current.

also there are users that added RNS files (i.e. Berny added a song). Come on people! add more RNS songs!

good idea It-Alien:
expect following improvements:

  • browse songs by author
  • display only [x] MP3 [x] RNS kind of checkbox.

from today songs page now displays URL’s of authors as link to another page where you can see all songs by selected author and his details (webpage and email) other improvements will follow in some time after we release 1.2

well, if now i have reason to release RNS files, i have a few things i’d like to see addressed :D

  1. the ability to name empty instruments (so you can include song messages on the list, like it used to be done), or perhaps just a separate song info comment box thing (like in .IT)

  2. the ability to rename the names in the sample section of each instrument

  3. the ability to put a short description of your song on the songs page - right now i’m happy to include a .txt file in the ZIP, but those listening to the MP3 won’t see that. there are just usually a few points i like to make about a song.

great section though :slight_smile:

What I’d like to see is an option to choose how many songs I’d like to see myself. I want the whole bunch visible on one page, I find it to be a fiddle to have to search through every genre to download everything…

But, as everybody say (and I agree with), great to see a song-page!! :)

the ability to display only certain number of files can be added but only on cathegories section, not on main screen (i.e. latest-additions) because then it would need to be added for everyone. but it will take some time to add this.

about comments: you already can add comment: but not more than 128 characters. it would take too much space if everybody would add large comments (and besides how would the table layout look then?).

in the future i will probably also add display of some kind of icon-avatar like on this forum to make additions easily recognizable.


  • Browse by general category
  • Always show the categories on top of page (so you don’t have to go back all the time)

Where do you guys store your MP3’s? Geocities have a 1MB Limit. Where to go? Would you recommend ?


Thanks alot Rondomat! ;)