New Features And Functionality Of The Instruments Box

Hi everyone,

I just updated from 2.5.1 to 2.7.2,

Enjoying most of the changes, however, I can’t seem to get my head around the new functionality of the instruments box (up in the top right corner.)

Previously when I clicked on an instrument, I would be able to see all the samples contained in the lower half of that box. This doesn’t seem to be there in 2.7, can I turn it on somewhere?

Because of this I can’t seem to make any sample instruments. I understand with the new “sample keyzones” tab, I can drag samples from my file browser into it, and create a drum kit this way.

But the problem is, I like to cut up samples in the sample editor and then paste them into an instrument together. I can’t seem to do this anymore. (If I had that lower half of the box, that listed the samples, and allowed pasting of new samples into it, I’m sure I could, so this is the main problem I think.)

Thanks for your help :)

Lower Pane - Instrument Settings. Sample list is now there and you can drag them there without them being automatically assigned. Taktik has pretty much promised they will return in the upper section and expandable lists (little + button like on folders in the Disk Op) but for now you have to go the other route.

hi pixel tiger, the sample box has moved to the lower part of the interface, to the ‘Instrument Settings’ tab.

this was done to allow for bulk-editing of sample options, among other things. it is not 100% clear yet if this will be the definitive design, as all of the changes to the instruments and .xrni-format are still under construction.
as far as cutting up and copying goes, you can do that also through the ‘Render Selection to Sample’ option.

edit: kazakore beat me to it!

Thanks for the speedy reply. :)

Just didn’t spot that at all. The new system has it’s plus points, it’s nice having the sample panning and volume etc, next to the list.
Guess it’s a little annoying having to constantly go from one corner of the screen to the other though.

If they had the old system and the new system both in place, that would probably be my preference :)

Thanks again.