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Hi everyone.

This is my first day on the forum.

Im living in Umeå and is mostly producing raggajungle at the moment and other jamaicaflavored sounds(raggacore, dancehall, dubstep). But i used to, and still do to some degree, work with huge variety of sounds and genres. I am for example quite into early electronic disco and electrofunk and i have started to coming back to making a lot of acid again.

Im a tracker addict and i find few other formats realy usefull for jungle(havent tried Akai Mpc tough) and when it comes to acid is there no posiblity to work as fast in cubase for example as you can in a tracker.

Im also into underground comix, DadA, painting and history and writes and illustrates for various papers.

My dream and vision is to be able to make a living out of a combination of journalism, DJing, Composing, illustrating, dumpsterdiving and if necisarily squatting.

Some of my favorite labels:

Planet mu
Direct beat
Plus 8 recordings
Fingers Inc

See you around.

Greetings an Good times!
your in the cats meow! }]

Alright mate.

Nice to meet you and all that!

If you get stuck with anything just post up and someone will help you asap. Even better, if you are a tracking god please let us know your secret techniques…


Welcome dude :)

Hello all, another new user here. Saw a thread on KVR about 1.8 and ended up buying a license after playing with the demo for two days.

I have never used a Tracker before, so the vertical track view takes a bit of getting used to, but I’ve found Renoise to be so fun and fast to use that it’s amazing. The “Render selection to sample” feature, combined with the fact that the samples are embedded as part of the Project file is what sold me.

Anyhow, big kudos to all involved in Renoise. It’s a great piece of software and I look forward to many productive hours using it.



Alright Malcolm.

If you get stuck, just PM me and I will help you with what I can. I am sure a lot of guys here know more that me (and are willing to help too!), but the offer is on the table.

What part of Australia are you from? I got a few Aussie mates out here…

Thanks Wormjar. I haven’t come across any real stumbling blocks yet but I’ll be sure to ask if I do find something. :)

I’m from Brisbane.



Wooho! Another Aussie on the boards! Welcome!

Yeah it is all pretty easy init. My mate is from a place called Aubrey Wodonga. He says it is a pretty small place.

More Umeå people! That makes at least three of us now :P Do you ever do live shows or something?


I’m also a new user of renoise, and i must say this forum/community seems to have a really great atmosphere and users who are willing to help each other out.
Since i’m new with renoise my contribution towards help related topics would be very slim compared to the knowledge some of you guys seem to have, but maybe who knows at a certain point I can also help others.
I am very new towards music creation, recently started and it is just hobby based. At this point all the tracks i have made are little snippets, patterns of beats to get myself familiar with renoise, and it has been a nice experience.


(I hope to keep my questions under control as a beginner hehe!)

Hi. been making electronic music for 14+ years, tracking for 8 years.

I’m not a new user, been using renoise since 1.28 and bought it at 1.5. When I’m not making renoise-only made tunes, I’m using it to create samples for pxtone, a japanese freeware program. :) My favorite styles are dnb, general breakbeat and very organized chaotic sounds like the early works of Tetsu Innoe before he went all mellow and ambient.

my pxtone+renoise music is at HS is the handle for me there. Best example of ReNoise infusion is the ‘drifter’ ep.
If you prefer streamed, 2 tracks from the ep are at

my favorite vegetable is tomatoes because it tastes good and it’s techincally a fruit.

Thanks Foo. Good to see some creative stuff coming out of Armidale. :)



Thanks for the welcome. I’d recommend somewhere other than Brisbane if you do think of moving to Australia. We’re in the middle of a drought and it looks like the city will run out of water by the end of this year, which should make for … “interesting” times. :D



Yeah Armidale has some little surprising gems about it - and a pretty good culture for a rural town (all things considered). Good little projects get started often, but often too quickly end because of lack of numbers. That’s ok, as us who like to get good live music just wait for the next secret electronica party that often happens deep in the gorge country or out in the forest somewhere.

Armidale has water. Plenty of high altitude goodness. :)

Seems like he’s active again…

And don’t forget the others here spread out on this giant slab of land: Hunz, MickRip, Laurendavies, Alexstrain, probably more that I’ve forgotten. No chance of a demo party here, but maybe we can plan for one in Brisbane or Sydney?

'Ello, new Renoise user here too from the UK - I downloaded it about a month ago and had a little play (though not had a chance to get used to it properly yet) and decided to buy it a few days back. I’ve been using Logic on and off since 2001 but I actually messed about with trackers a bit back in the early 90s as a kid on the Amiga so it’s a homecoming of sorts. :yeah:

Oh and I’ll probably be posting on the forums a lot asking annoying newbie questions so apologies in advance to all. ;)

Alright mate.

To be honest, if you used Trackers on the Amiga even a little bit, this won’t be a problem to use. I was the same as you, going from Trackers, to Logic (then Cubase) then back where I belong! You have the basic idea already so it will just be a case of fine tuning.


I bought Renoise and I registered on the forum yesterday. I downloaded the demo a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been playing around with it since then, just making a couple of patterns here and there, trying to learn the basics. Two days ago I started working on a track , and I figured yesterday that I needed ASIO to finish it :)

For the last few years I’ve been using Fruity Loops Studio and Reason mainly focusing on psytrance, but before that I was using FT2 for quite some time (since 95/96), going through a lot of different genres and before that I did some simple stuff on Amiga, using Protracker.

I’ve been so lucky to get some of my tunes released on various compilations, I got a solo album coming up and I’ve had a few gigs. However I’ve been mainly doing chill and ambient lately, and not so much psytrance. It feels good to work in Renoise, the change of scenery is refreshing.

Anyways, this what my first Renoise track sounds like so far. (You may need to copy the address and paste it in the navigation tool bar to download, or just put it in winamp to stream it.)

welcome… that track of yours is really hq. specially loved the bass, calming atmos.

Thank you. The bass is Synth1 btw.

Also : perhaps this thread should be sticky?