New Function For Fast-adjustig Volumes In Block

How about making a shortcut to fast-adjust volumes in percentages within a block. Like u press a button and get a splash asking start and end %, with maybe a fast-to-use link sart-end selection to make them same, and press again, and volumes are adjusted by given settings? :)

Maybe also with favourie templates? With shortcuts too, within a popup? 1,2,3,4? I mean, u get a splash and press 3 and get volumes adjusted by settings in template 3.

Or IT style fast-volume adjust. This is how it went, as I remember it. Been a long time tho:
alt+jj=set fast volume adjust
alt+j=apply fast volume adjust
or was it vice versa? Anyway, u get the point? :)

And don’t tell me to use volume envelope. :angry: It’s not the same thing and does not have same function.

e: Maybe also an option to use linear and logarithmic values? And a slider for curve steepness?
Or maybe not so good idea… (The e: part that is, the original idea is splendent)

but i though you were more into db way…

but I AGREE!!!..the way like it use to be in FT2 (alt+v)

Well, that depends, and think…

How do you adjust volumes in pattern in dB’s?

Sample editor and especially volume sliders in native effects are completely different thing. But let’s NOT get into dB-% discussion here.

yes we WILL!!! :D what´s the point mix same thing with two different way? it´s lil bit confusing…and i don´t really really get what soo cool and powerful on dbs…except those looks soooo pro :D can somebody explain?

edit: i mean “pro” :P