New global command idea: Global reset

Hi guys,

Sometimes I would like to start a new fresh pattern late in a song with a “Cut all previous sound and reset instruments” global command.

So it should stop all sounds from playing completely including reverbs etc. and reset VSTis so any release won’t play either, kinda like what happens when you right click the stop button.

0Xxx - Stop all notes and FX (xx = 00), or only effect xx (xx > 00).

Simply put a 0X00 command on the Master track and it will kill all notes and effects on all tracks that are currently playing.

See the manual for more information:

I tried that in a 20 track song, but it just send note-offs so lots of instruments keeps playing their release.

It’s not dubstep I’m making, but imagine making a dubstep tune, then a command that completely stops EVERYTHING prior to the command would be very useful because of the many very quick changes.