New Groove Setting And Interface.

I just watched a youtube video of the way Reason 4’s groove mixer works.
It looks extremely logical and easy to understand. The idea of different groove presets like the mpc 60s are also a great idea.
Just thought it would be cool to implement some of this stuff. Applying groove settings to single tracks and not the entire song would be great. Once this is added, how about that old mpc note repeat function? But obviously that isn’t as important as a new groove feature. The current one just isn’t that intuitive. At least not to me anyway.


retrigger command

as a work around for the groove, you can use the delay command
this vid explains how. use pause to read the text
it’s set for renoise 1.9 but it translates into renoise2

I’m aware of the retrigger command. But that’s not the same thing. You have to enter all notest and then edit each one individually afterwards. The drum machine retrigger repeats the note while you hold down the pad. It’s just more of a live element. But anyway that’s not what I’m really interested in. More interested in the groove settings that Akai added. More specifically how simple they made it.
You adjust for percentage , shuffle and apparently can choose whether you play the note earlier or later, which is a simple but clever idea.
Not too sure how you could do that with Renoise’s groove settings. It’s probably possible, but just not as clear or simple as it should be.

The ReGroove Mixer simply uses predefined groove templates, doesn’t it? How does one edit/create groove templates in Reason then?

you can “get groove from clip” which gets the midi timings of sample slices/notes and determines the groove that way