New Guy

Hey, I’m the new guy. Long time lurker and long time renoise user. 'Sup guys.

hi captain murder!

Ahoy cap’n… :ph34r:

Avast! I made this account finally to post something cool I found in another thread, but I do occasionally make some solo stuff using just renoise and a bit of outboard gear. Been a user for a little over 2 years now. Next plans, when I get a little time, is to get into LUA scripting (I took a few classes in college). Obviously results will be posted.


Great to see another new person in the forums!
If you are a long time lurker than you probably know how significant these forums are to the development of Renoise, scripts, and users.
I feel like there are some good people in these forums,
and it inspires me to ask and talk about things without worrying to much whether I look stupid.
Which is great, but I shouldn’t be worrying about that anyway, and I hope you don’t either!


Yeah I’ve been hanging around these parts for a long time. Guess it’s time to start contribootin.

Hey, community is important.
The bigger it gets, the bigger it gets.
Not exactly sure that makes any sense outside of my head,
but a forum is a good place to find out.

Hey, I see you are live in the New York area.
Any electronic music festivals, or events coming up this summer in New York that you think may be good?
I may soon make a trip to NewYork with my gal, but haven’t decided when.

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/ \    / \    /WEL          |  

/ (●) (●) \ < COME |
| (__人__) | \____________________/
\ ` ⌒´ /
/ \

I wouldn’t go aboard your ship, but welcome to the forum anyhoo. :P

You missed Blipfest unfortunately (the 8bit music fest every winter). As far as what’s going on during the summer, I am not sure. There is always something though.


Welcome! now there are two Captains.
You’re a good sailor, or are in the dark side?
Im a pirate :yeah: