New Hardtrance By Dope

Finally, after almost a decade of months I have a new PC available and I will give you the first result of Renoising again :)

Best Regards :)

excellent work! glad to see you have a computer up now! good production on this one, although it really irks me that the kick drum is so off centre. beautiful stuff though

good job! sounds rather retro B)
i enjoyed that TB-like sequence, however there are some flaws concerning mastering (compression/EQing) as the kickdrum for example gets overlapped by multiple other frequencies of instruments using the same spectrum, which keeps it from really shining through.

genre-wise, one could argue that it’s “a bit” cheesy (especially the crowd cheering ;)), ravish and cliché - but a wise man once said that you can’t argue about taste and affectation… and i guess he’s right.
so final verdict:

technically: well executed.
style-wise: room for improvement ;)

Thanks for the replies. Concerning the mastering, Keith303, I am not sure, how I have to use Stardust VST… So, I just turned some knobs until it sounded somehow…

i was just listening today a "rave"mp3 from a tape of winter 94/95, and i wondered why no one does the style nowadays.
so i m happy to listen to your track. nice job, not the best Rave ever made…
but 10xbetter of most of the afterY2K trance :slight_smile:


Thanks Rotello - I guess the 94/95-rave style is not produced anymore because especially here in germany (where most of those old artists came from), we had too much of the style.

But thats just my opinion about that.