New Index Page

I think the screenshot of Renoise on the new index page is a bit ‘off putting’ - it makes Renoise look like a spreadsheet, not the sort of thing that newcomers would find appealing.
I think you should change it for one of the filter editing pages, or something similar, and make the screenshot bigger.
Have you set the maximum width to 800 pixels? I don’t think many users have screens that small any more, those that do could always scroll (or you could have an alternative site for them if they find a 1024 pixel or 1280 pixel wide site difficult to view).

I also think you should use the red Renoise colour scheme I designed - that would look really good!
(Just a plug…)

Apart from the very minor moans above, the new site looks extremely professional indeed.

I think the image that should be used should look like this:


Much more impressive and interesting than the tiny (and very grey and ‘spreadsheet’ like) image that is on the homepage at the moment!

problem is that renoise looks almost nothing like that anymore ;)

(for instance, you can’t view volume envelopes at the same time as pattern editing)

you’re still using version 1?

but i agree the screenshot could be improved. if nothing else, put some pattern data in! there’s a lot of repetition and empty space in the pic. make there be a song loaded, and have it playing, so the scopes are active.

I still think the screenshot should be changed! Every time I come here I look at that tiny little picture (I run my PC in 1280 x 1024) and think “That must really put off newcomers” - it’s hardly inviting, is it!

Get some nice red screenshots in there, with the sample editor or something else more interesting than columns of empty tracks. I would bet that sales will go down this month, until that picture’s changed!


i agree that the screenshots on the front page are not that eyecandy.
actually, they could use some colour. :)

it doesnt stop me coming here (and in renoise i’ve my own colour themes),
but i agree they look a bit dull and lifeless. not very catchy.
if renoise was commercial app, i would get them changed right away. ;)


Gwilym, I realise that Renoise has changed a little since I took those screenshots, but the front page of the website is really DULL! I can’t imagine anybody who isn’t interested in trackers already, and is coming here for the first time, being very impressed by it.
It put me off, and I use Renoise! So heaven help those who don’t, or think that trackers are spreadsheets.

The best way to sell a product is to provide lots of colourful screenshots, showing all of the various screens - that’s a minimum. Anybody coming here for the first time will not have a clue as to what Renoise is from the four pictures on the front page.

There should be lots of shots of each part of the program, with brief text to explain what it does.

I bet downloads have gone down since the new site was put up. (The rest of the site is great, by the way, it’s just those pictures…)

Yes, I totally agree but Celsius our webmaster is currently not there.
We will fix this as soon as he is back.