New It-Alien'S Song: "(Can'T Say) Goodbye"

a new song by me has been released. Actually, this is a new version of a song made on year 2000.

10 years later, it suited my thoughts again…



(2’40", piano solo)

I liked that piece a lot. Personally i think that songs with only a single instrument are somewhat the hardest to do right, but it worked great in your case. Enough variations and mood changes to keep it interesting and the piano itself sounds very nice too.

Nice piece. I’ve been planning to compose a song only on piano too, but I haven’t done it so far. Maybe your song will get me inspired :)
It’s kinda hard to believe that it was made with Renoise :)

Very nice. No joke, it’s pretty impressive that that was made in Renoise.

Highly enjoyable piece. Thanks.