New It-Alien's Song: "Hands"

A new song by me has just been released: it’s called “Hands”, and it is a two-faced song: the first one being classical, the second being jazz.

The song was initially meant to be the soundtrack for a video, but I totally lost control over it…

Download in ogg format

Download in MP3 format

wow. this is pretty amazing :yeah:
i definitely enjoyed this. and the best thing about this is - it doesn’t need a video, cus it gets the imagination going without any visuals at all, really an interesting piece.

and, your playing and programming skills are also damn good. regarding the string work; even though it’s audible a few places that they’re programmed (especially the solo violin/viola), it’s still as close as it can get i believe, and I guess “regular” listeners without a solid understanding of live vs. programmed won’t notice this anyway :)

I always enjoy your music. I love the 11/4 timing sections the most. Great composition!

How does one play OGG format on a crappy Windows XT system, without being able to download anything?

well, how did you download the OGG file then? :)

anyway, an MP3 version can be downloaded from ReverbNation here

“Symphony For A Dead Planet” is well epic
I can download, just no programs…work computer ;)

This is brilliant stuff. I enjoyed the 11/4 section alot, but also the natural way it fell into the wonky section 5:45…its really liberated composition.
I’ll agree with Denim though. The violin samples could be a little more varied with their vibrato…
All in all, very inspiring stuff, pulling all these natural feelings out of such a rigid interface…really shows how renoise CAN be rhythmically expressive…what i constantly strive for.
Nice one

IT-Alien really enjoyed this tune a lot. Very inspiring and reminds me once again how stretchable and deep music is.

Thank you!

thanks for all your comments, but let me make a special mention to Hunz, as I have always admired his talent since… hmm… the beginning? :)
thanks Hunz, your words really mean to me.

I think the last firefox version includes a native open format player so you don’t need to install any codec.

Wow! Jazz part is intense and glorious. Highly enjoyable.