New Kid Wolfman

click here to go to the songs page and give me some numbers…so maybe i can make it in this world. I think there is about 17 total tracks up right now on my myspace page (there’s a player in the middle of my page, in the about section). i’ll be updating regularly now because i don’t have a dime and it’s time to get this shit movin. thanks for listening<3

awesome ! i like how it’s constantly changing and that playful atmosphere is keeping my attention. only thing i wished for a was some kind of breakdown and a more stretched outro. replay yeah, i’m keeping this one.

thanks man. i’ve been trying to keep things as sort of preview since i make no money. this particular tune was pretty quick and fun. my favorite function in renoise is the quick selection rendering to new samples so i’ve been playing around with that a bit in addition to creating my own sounds in bidule and max/msp. my only problem right now is quickly becoming very unorganized so my new plan is to limit myself to about three tracks and get rid of real time signal processing…hence my love of the rendering. i do however, love real time processing so i’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of time in max lately and i’ve been very happy with the results. blahblah anyways thanks for listening :)

I like your music !!! many compliments from Italy

:drummer: :drummer: :drummer: