New Label "encounters" By Fff, Copacod & Newk

Hi everybody,

Me (copacod), FFF & Newk started the label “Encounters Records” this year and last July the 9th marked our first release, which is a compilation of different
interesting artists we met throughout the years.
For me & FFF, Renoise is still the most important piece of software for creating our tracks so it’s just logic to be posting here again since a long time (I’ve been on a sort of forum-hiatus ;)
So without further ado let me now shamelessly plug our first release:

I can’t seem to embed the bandcamp player in here, any help?

Here are some preview snippets instead:


I hope some of you will like the album as much as we are proud of it, for all its worth the release-party was a blast!
Let us know what you think :)
Thnx for reading
Expect more soooon…

-Dyanko- (Copacod)