New Links

My dear!
When I was an “old” hamik (I forgot my password or had some problem with my username) I sent you
some free VSTi which were good for me. Now I am “new-born” hamik. I know It was mentioned here
10000000x but, … what about improving section LINKS? Here we can write
for example -

section VST
subsection VST SITES
sub-subsection product - site (Renoise users ratings, stability, comments, some pictures,
maybe sound examples)
sub-subsection produsct - site (…)
section SAMPLES
site - reference to especially good samplepack (Renoise user ratings)

It is purely up to you. You don’t listen to me. You needn’t answer. I am not registered. And I am not a developer. (Good work Renoise guys). But then don’t be surprised when someone is mailing:
“I need very good free VSTi fender piano”, and you write: “mda epiano or MrRay 73”.
Maybe it can clean this forum from unuseful sendings and topics which is very hard to find because it is too old. It is truth!!!

Especially sound samples for VSTi are not available for each VSTi and then you can just catch the idea about the VSTi you want (then you need not to install and uninstall unuseful VSTi). We are trackers. Moreover, VSTis are tried right in Renoise.

So, let us cooperate, create really good database, save our time, eyes and mainly compose really professional music.


Fine, dblue. I know kvr-vst. Moreover, I know plugorama and so on. But I think to build really independent
Renoise server of VST sites with Renoise users ratings and Renoise sample renderings of these VST.
I miss sound samples for each VST and then I am downloading a lot of useless instruments and effects.
I thought, it was good for everyone to prevent from this. But, I see, there is no need. :D

Greetings to UK. B)

I applaud your enthusiasm.

My personal opinion is that duplication of effort after sites like KVR have reached critical mass never pan out and are a waste of labour and morale.

I encourage you to do this. Why ask others when *you- could register the domain and go nuts? Setup a wiki and get the ball rolling?

f**** the armchair.