New Mapping Device (Remote Control?)

This is a very simple idea: a device with, say, 16 sliders that can each be assigned to any parameter. Like a hydra device with 16 sliders instead of one. Or an XY Device with sliders instead of a pad, and with more parameters. You get the idea. Let’s call it a Remote Control Device (RCD) for now.

In itself this is pretty boring, but think of what you can do with this in combination with midi mapping. One of the coolest things about the midi mapping in 2.5 is that you can map controllers to various parameters of the currently selected device. So by setting up a few of these RCDs, you can effectively switch between different midi mappings just by selecting a different device. If your controller has 16 knobs, you can set one RCD up to control the volume of 16 tracks, another to control the panning, and yet another to control reverb send levels. To assign your midi controller’s knobs to any of these parameters, just click on the appropriate RCD. Or you can put one one each track so that by clicking on it, you have instant access to the most important paramaters of that track.

It would also solve this problem in an elegant way (by using ‘current track’ as the target).

Good idea?

I like, especially with cross-track routing it would be very useful for live performances. Being able to quickly go from controlling a,b,c devices to x,y,z devices to p,q,r devices by simply moving one along in the DSP chain (in a dedicated track.) No more having to try and use the same effects and have lots of automation to get the parameters to switch (as you can’t automate preset loading) as you want a different sound for the next song in the list.

Got half way through reading thinking how it’s kinda similar to the DSP Grouping Meta-Device that has been suggested but as it allows you to control devices on other tracks it goes beyond it. Although I think the DSP Grouping device would still be a welcome addition as it was as much for making things look neater and more accessible as grouping the controls together (can leave all DSPs it’s linked to minimised so take up little screen real estate.) Your device may make this even more useful as I can see it enabling you to work with even bigger chains of DSPs (although probably not all on at once.)