New Maschine controller plus Maschine 2.0

I think it looks freaking awesome. What do you all think?

*edit: Forgot to add a link!

I thought the same. I wish I had $1000 to blow (which I don’t) and nothing else that I needed more (which I do).

The 2.0 software is actually the more exciting part about it for me, and it’s only $99 to upgrade which actually isn’t bad!

But the new hardware looks gorgeous and looks like a blast to play around with.

Just seen the vid and the whole page because I read my email before I check the renoise forums :P
The screens are nice I think, and the jog+control section on the right is a great addition.

And also that Prism and some more extras are coming with it… Drumsynths… sweet.

Yeah, it definately looks great. Only I wish it could operate in stand alone mode, that is without a computer

Honestly I’m not sure how they could implement that without jumping the price another $500-1000. Maschine is a pretty large program and I think it would need a decent OS and some decent CPU power and RAM. Not to mention that I would want some pretty decent hard drive space (20gb?). You’d need to add an entire computer to make that work.

This Software is a BIG hit.

But it also have some Problems with Renoise :frowning:

On my Mac the new 2.0 Software works Perfect (Booth, Standalone and AU/VSTi)
but on my Windows 7 PC only the Standalone Works for me. The VSTi will not Work correct with Renoise - The Graphics will not shown and the Screen looks Gray and unusable :frowning:
The Plugin produces Sounds in the Windows Version so i belive it runns ok, but the Graphics are not shown/loaded Correctly so u can´t use it as a Plugiin exept u know exactly where u have to click.
i hope some one can fix this error.

there is one way to fix maschine 2.0 gui within renoise!
taktik posted some workaround:

moving those renoise files maschine 2.0 software as vst now works fine :)

Exelent :slight_smile:

Thanx for the Info !

I’ve been lusting after a Maschine for a while now, but I wonder how much I’d actually use it after the novelty wears off. I also have a bit of an issue with the $999/€999 thing. €999 is $1400, so I would have to ask a colleague or friend to buy it for me in the US and then “gift” it to me.

Well, there’s the Mikro and the MK2, but still … ah well, maybe some day!