New Melodyne Is Out Soon

it gives a free hand, can’t wait to lay hands on it for some commercial remix competition :)

Is this for real? I never thught something like this would have been possible. I suggest everyone watch this video.


Yeah seems like it would be impossible, how does the program know what frequencies/sounds that belongs to what note??

Will this work with a whole mix??

I mean… Will it be able to split up a tune into drums, guitars, vocals etc?

Oh, and I hope they change the interface of the Melodyne plugin, the original had such a horrible GUI. Not very userfriendly in my opinion.

Every time I see this, I think about how multi-touch technology (which already exists in iPhones) would take it to the next level.

i love melodyne, but it’s not god. it can’t do everything! i doubt it will be able to do this out of a whole mix. i clicked through the video real quick and what i saw just showed them changing notes within a guitar chord. i suspect that it will work better with simpler sources. i.e. just guitar, or just a horn section, or something like that. the more you add to it, the more likely it will be to mess up other things in the mix

still, this new possibility is very exciting.

couldn’t you conceviably take an entire guitar phrase someone else has recorded, change all the chords and rhythm, and make it sound like something completely different? that’s insane :D

i’m thinking there’s going to be a lot more grey area in copyright infringement now, because the original samples will be able to be manipulated so much they may be indistinguishable from the originals !! kind of scary, but BRING IT ON!!!

Yanno, 'cause playing a sample through a granular effect doesn’t already mangle it beyond recognition :P

does this mean it’s ok to pirate samples as long as they are not recognizable? :D