New Midi-control Device Features

MIDI-Control device is better than it’s predecessor, but it’s still lacking some features I’d like to see. Especially automating velocity and aftertouch would be really useful.

Quick mockup:

Explanation of new features:

T/t switch
Trigger on/off. If set on T the value is only applied when triggered by note data. Useful for example in case you want small amount of randomization in pitch.

OS/OW switch
Sets parameter to either offset or overwrite mode. In offset mode value is added to current value and in overwrite mode only the value sent by MIDI-Control Device is applied.

This is something I’d like to see in other modulation devices too. Would be really useful in LFO device.

Velocity and Aftertouch are self-explanatory.

No, I’m not kidding. I understand that some people might think this is not needed, but it would be really useful for example for more realistic drums. Don’t think it should be allowed to trigger anything, so I left the trigger-switch out and it should be always in “only apply when triggered by note data”-mode.

After a bit more thought I’m taking part of this feature proposal back.

Instead of having velocity, aftertouch and note in MIDI-Control device we should have Column automation device, which is assigned to specific column of the track and handles velocity, aftertouch and note data automation.