New Monome Device - Arc

monome arc

looks pretty cool, price could be prohibitive. i wonder how this could gel with renoise?

Would require probably a similar solution like the one for the Presonus faderport. Be it a bit more simplistic.

ahhh the Renoise Fader Port Driver drools sexxxxxxxy. This too is quite impressive.


Wood is beautiful and tactile. Much nicer than cold metal or cheap plastic any day of the week!

i’m sure peeps said the exact same thing about the original monome when it first came out. anyway, the strength of these devices is the applications that are written for them, it remains to be seen what will happen here…

here’s some initial thoughts from the monome forum:

Two knobs in that way can be used in 6 different ways. (well actually three…)
Besides that they can turn (method 1) both knobs are already pushbuttons as well (method 2), might as well add a touch-sensor to the knobs itself and there you have method 3.
6 different possibilities and even more different combinations.

How do you rotate or press the knob without touching it?

there is also a dual ring of 64 leds each that can be independently set to 16 different levels of brightness. that’s a fairly creative blank slate for different types of feedback.

Iimagine they act like joystics too:

The first person to write a Renoise Etch-A-Sketch Lua script wins a high five.

By triggering soft-touch moments with timed controllers. Either touching and releasing it within 5 or less milliseconds and without pushing the button.
Smart controlling.

The first knob seems to indicate more than 1 toggle setting assignment.
So I guess it has backward, forward and many toggle states?

It doesn’t have any assignments at all. All it does is send +1 or -1 knob movement and push button 0 or 1. And it receives 16 levels of brightness individually for the 64 LEDs. What it does beyond that is up to the software, much like the Monome.

As I’m not a coder, I’ll wait and see what software emerges before getting one.

What could it do in Renoise?

I imagine one knob could be used to navigate through the pattern. Up to 64 lines pattern with the LEDs indicating each note, bright LED indicating note, dim LEDs maybe indicating 4/4 division or something. Press + turn to select one of up to 64 tracks.

Also great for editing automation on up to 64 lines long tracks. Each LED represent an automation point, and the intensity roughly indicates the value.

Both could have a travelling LED that indicates playback position.

I’m sure it’s all doable with scripting, yeah?

Just from the top of my head. Anyone got other ideas?

Hold a note trigger and set volume and pan for that line.