New music platform

Sorry. I wasnt trying to spam anyone. Removed

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So a music become an NFT?

The website explains everything better than i can. I made an artist page and threw a few songs up and minted like 500 copies of each track and have them for sale for either a quarter or 1 ome token. If people like your songs they can buy it using ome tokens (you get a bunch when you sign up) in this open marketplace. My buddy who made the thing could talk for days about all this and his spiel on the website is way more informative than what i can say. I do think it has the potential to blow up and maybe change the industry. Maybe not but i figured what the hell im already putting my shit out for free on soundcloud cus lets face it im nobody and i just like msking music and putting it out in some way so who knows?

I personnally think it would be more judicious to sell the “original” for a high price

For example, a music maker sell his track for 2000 dollars,and then a label (for example) make the final mix and master,and exploit the futur sales

GTFO with this scammy NFT nonsense.


You can view a NFT as a license

Flag for being spam. This is just a crypto ad.

Honestly im not to up on all blockchain stuff

Then why are you advertising this?

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NFTS are a scam for sure.Flagged

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From my advice,bitcoin has been made by china…they have imagined a financial stream in advance and how to make money with it

blockchain can be a disaster…or not

I think making money with virtual coins is easy for a good coder…but pure madness

Blockchain will have a role in the security

and in the future of the “robotic”…Robots will share their experiments through a blockchain…they will “grow” faster

“collective unconscious”

Google is certainly working on it since I have submitted this idea to them 5 years ago…but in a torrent manner

Hey im not trying spam anything. Apologies if i offended anyone by sharing this. I thought some folks might be interested thats all. I dont have a dog in this.

I edited the original post. I had no intention of spamming anyone and for that i apologize. Ill be more careful of what i share in the future. Peace.