New Music Video On Youtube

Hi guys,

I’ve just posted another finished song to Youtube:

djnick deetronic - xtc (2009)

Style: Psy Trance. Composed in Renoise tracker. Taken from the latest album in preparation: “Psy Xperience”

I’ve sampled Peter Jennings Reporting: “Ecstasy Rising” tv show and created a music video using only video clips from various parties I have been on and recorded using phone camera:

  • Trance Party on Ada / Belgrade, 2006
  • May the 1st techno party - Gradac, Valjevo, 2007
  • Infected Mushroom in Belgrade, Kalemegdan Fortress afterparty, 01.06.2007
  • Exit, Novi Sad, 2009
  • Beerfest, Belgrade 2009
  • several private videos with some of my very good friends [greets goes to: Joe, Julienn, Kriss, Max, Natalia, Didi, Jub-Jub, Mefisto, NightKnight, Vezza, Tripo…]

All comments are welcome :)

Its cool song. Very similar to other psygoa tracks… that genre got stuck ten years ago Im afraid.

ut0b’s down for maintenance DDD:

nice work. classic psy trance vibes
very enjoyable both aud & vid B)

yep. very classic. But it took me over 6 months to get real psy sound with Renoise :) Now I`m creating Drum’n’Bass. This is much easier to do, you will hear it soon ;)

good technique! .)

tnx :) I have lots of plans to do in next few months - create 3 albums of complete different style: 1st is Psy, 2nd is DnB, 3rd is Electro and if find some free time I will finish Ambiental style that is my favorite :] Also I started working on a serious music video, all done in live camera mixing and AfterEffects… just to show what I have learned when I was working on various TV stations ;)

Life is a BIG f u n! Renoise is my life now :)

yeah this is a slick tune, good work

это хорошо !

The girl with vaccum cleaner is the best part :P

I don’t really like Psy trance THAT much, but some of it is really great and sometimes it can be a lot of fun. Did you use many vst synths and stuff like that? I’m interested in making some sounds similar to a psytrance lead.

hehehe :)

I love lots of various styles, but Psy was very hard to me at the beginning.

I use lots of VSTs and some of them I put in PDF. Check out those links, might be helpful for you: for VST instruments in one place and for VST effects in one place.

Sounds good mate! :)