New Music Video

I have completed a video with a preview track from my album in work.
It’s named integration.

The video features Renoise ofcourse! :slight_smile:

You can see it on

Cool music!! Many nice cd’s and books featered in the video too.

I enjoyed the track very much! And I just learned that the Virus TI features a pulsating logo. :lol:

Please let us know when “Three Energy Fields” is finished.

There are 2 ways to keep in touch:

  1. Regularly read my blog
  2. sign up on the mailing list (see lower on left side of my website)
    the list is only be about the album, and i will only post when there is any news, previews, or its final!

I shoot for may/june, but it might get longer.
It’s the mixing and mastering that takes me the longest, since I’m not a wizard. :slight_smile:

ahaha awesome video man :D
& wicked tune :)