New "non Renoise Song" By Zed303

I have a new song at called Angel(v1.0) that is available for download. I used mostly Rebirth RB-338 and Reason.

I am going to start using Renoise as my main sequencer, but I need to work out how to combine Renoise/Rebirth/Reason a little better. ;)

If You feel this post doesn’t belong here, feel free to delete it or move it. I just wanted to let people know, if they liked my last song. I thought it didn’t belong in the “Renoise song forum” since I did not use Renoise this time.

Follow the “My Webpage” link below

It absolutly belongs here in the off topic. Since it’s not made with renoise, it CAN’T be a song, now can it? Hehe…

Hm, maybe I should post all my old xm’s here?

I think this one goes back to language.
language was once only used as “expression” now it is mostly used as “definition”. I was trying to express something that I could not do, any other way. I do not think You are being “harsh”. You are just expressing Yourself as I did.


I just wanted to say that my song Angel (v1.0) reached # 6 on the Idependent charts at this week. Thanks to anyone who liked it, or didn’t.


There. You just described progressive techno in a nutshell… :rolleyes:

Tho, I gotta agree a little, not changing the melody any, I mean it should have some more depth… Maybe some various effects somewhere in the development? Cutoff, some echos… Dunno… But I liked what I heard. Exept I wanted some more of that. And I’ve made mostly progressive stuff too… ;)

I deleted my last reply because it was mostly directed at Sagosen.
I am curently looking for a keyboard player in Seattle to start a band. If You liked v1.0 but thougth it needed more develpement You will probably like the complete version when it is finished. If You didn’t then You won’t.