New OS???


I have Windows 98 second edition, so i cant use the KX drivers.

I think about changing to another OS but i don’t know what: Win 98 ME, Win 2000, Win XP home, Win XP pro.

Can anyone help me , and tell me why that is the best option and why. I want to use my CPU for making music but also for school.

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Pentium 800 MHz
256 MB ram
Windows 98 second edition

wtf? i’m on the win98se, kx drivers works perfectly.


I think that i have Win 98 first edition.

Wat kind of OS do you use and does it work good???

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win98 4.10. 2222 A Second Edition, russian version, works perfectly, maybe slow a bit on PIII 500…

not sure OS changing will give something a lot better… but i’m still waiting for chinese OS 100% compatible with win98, maybe it will be better than anything from microsoft…

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Aren’t their any other people who want to give their opinion about the OS they like the best???

I want to change is shortly but i doubt about which one to choose. Is it Win 2000 or Win XP come on an give your opinion.


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WinXp is just too fat. I switched back from XP to win2000.

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I have already tried Win 2000 but there were some problems.
At startup evrything was fine but after a while the CPU was running very very!!!slow, and crashed then, but that was before i had 256 mb ( it was 128) could be the problem???

because if it is ill try it again.

How do you mean Win XP was to fat, some people tell me it’s the greatest.


Jeoen B) (still searching for his OS…)

go for Windows XP and if you turn off all the graphicshit you have a more stable Windows 2000.

happy new year :)

Yes I’ll think i go for Win XP!!! Why???

I don’t see the difference between Win 2000 And Win XP???

Maby anyone can tell me???

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Jeroen B)

I’ve noticed it being faster (running on a P4, not sure about other processors) and more stable than 2k. Perhaps sometimes a little too user friendly, but you can customise most of it if you know how. I guess the main visible difference is in the way it looks, but as Fastmaster already said, you can remove the skin to get back to the Win2k look.

whats unstable about win2k ? mine never crashed in the past 1,5 years …

I have alteady tried win 2000 but i reinstalled Win 98 again because win 2000 woulden’t work.

Because after i installed it my computer became very slow and i mean very very slow. ;) And crashed after a while. I still don’t know what the problem was??

Now i want to use a new OS because win 98 is getting pretty old, and i heard win2000 and win xp are also good but coulden’t choose between them which one is the best…

Thanks again for the advice,

Jeroen B)

Still searching…

After going through the tips in the link posted in Tips and tricks ( it seems most people say that XP is as fast as Win98 for music apps, but XP needs a bit of tweaking to strip some features that makes it faster. XP is really easy and is more stable than Win2k imo. Win2k crashed seldom, but XP has almost never crashed on me. I’ve used both for quite some time. I’d recommend XP.


The tips on that site are really usefull. T
he only problem with xp is that i have to look for a lot of new drivers. but i think Xp is the one.