New Phaser Modes: Unidirectional (Down,Up) and Step (by LFO)

Requesting, @taktik , new phaser modes.

  • Phaser mode: Unidirectional (Down, Up)
    The phaser would phase unidirectional.
    This can be achieved by mixing in the phase.

    • Down: high → low
      The phase is mixed in and moves continuously from high to low.
    • Up: low → high
      The phase is mixed in and moves continuously from low to high
  • Phaser mode: Step (controlled by LFO enveloppe)
    The phaser would not move its phase.
    You can control the phase with a LFO enveloppe and connect that to the phasers’ Phase.

    • Step:
  • Phaser mode: None
    The phaser would phase normal, as it operates in Renoise already.

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Why not take control of the RESET button and use an LFO or HYDRA to do what you want to do instead.


You can try “Blue cat” free plugins (Flanger,chorus,phaser) with renoise LFOs

Ya, this!

From my point of view,controlling the phase in not an easy task to code
But maybe I’m wrong (Or maybe I’m surely wrong)
I’m curious about this

This topic needs a bump for @taktik