New pop track.

Feedback?Negative?Positive? Thanks.

Interesting style.

I think you should work on your synth sounds atleast. The buildup part could be maybe a bit shorter and jump straight around 2:40, which was actually pretty good and atmospheric.
I didn’t quite catch the outro part, i felt that it was somewhat random :P

Did you try to do a certain genre? It occur to me that the song was actually far away from generic pop, in my opinion.

Hope this helps.

Nice one. yeah im kind of just free associating with structures/progressions etc then recycling down the ideas (obviously not enough) lol. Heavily influenced by old disco, funk, detroit techno and rephlex stuff. Trying to find my own blend. So its all trial and error atm really. id like to find a balance between nieve melodies and tight production. I said pop music so as not to particularly colour the track before listening although i am trying to structure it in a pop kind of format. Thanks a lot for taking time to listen to it.