New PositionEditor! view my draft!

I think the positionEd in renoise is really historical … and for bigger songs and bigger arranged stuff we need pattern-names and so on:

If you look, you’ll see a few (pinned) threads have already covered this.
Your draft is basically just a same-as hybrid (meaning it will seem different, whilst not being different in the least). It would definitely help to clarify, but it’s a low-level advancement, since it would clarify archaism.
If you have the option to link a series of patterns to eachother (having an offset to row and break pattern option for each pattern (*1), etc (*2)), and then have them constitute a recyclable segment (namable, much like your draft).
Having that, I think you’d have a good initial sequencer.

*1=plus some type of accidental option for them (selecting from within 2 given values, with a given frequency).
*2=(accidental) reversal, (accidental) muting (of given channel(s)), etc