New Post On Dongle Security

nice read… it’s a interesting topic.

as that might be, it only takes one stolen credit card, or someone that just doesn’t care to leak it to the masses… right? if leaking to the masses is a bad thing promotion/profit wise is a whole other story.
reason and cubase seem to have protection that work for both sides.

but yeah, the never ending debate hah.

In Renoise we trust. B) Guess one way to look at the thing, is to try to search for recent pirated versions of the software. I almost bet my licence, that there’s fewest versions available for the Renoise. Loosing licence is enough intimidation, as every regged Renoise out there is tied to some person. Guess there are other ways hackers would get licence in hands besides somebody leaks personal licence? But does anyone really need pirated Renoise as demo is quite extensive. Guess you could also investigate how Reaper manages to lure buys as demo is totally unrestricted except nag screen. Is it just that good stuff get sales even without any protection?

I think the dongles will disappear shortly, but not for those reasons. Remember in the 90s, when flat screen tv’s first appeared, they were so expensive that only the big, “movie stars,” had them in their living rooms…

I imagine the same phenomenon will happen in the cloud. Sooner, rather then later, music software will be deployed on systems like Amazon, Azure, and the new Google one I read about yesterday. This will allow for those of us, who license the software, and do not own it regardless, to access the software worldwide through our account, with a password type system… ( I’m expecting thumbprint, “or another tech,” very soon too. )

We will use our DAWs, like any other websites, but will most likely pay for our usage, and storage. Perhaps we will still have some sort of computer, laptop, or access point in our homes, where we connect and can even store files locally, but for the most part, I expect the cloud to become so inexpensive, that Renoise, and our other softwares will be there…

I expect things to be more stable in the cloud as well, because the variables of different machines, setups, processors, ram, hard disks, graphics cards, are pretty much removed from the teams that deploy on the cloud, and left to the cloud manager.

I don’t own a Syncrosoft, or iLok usb key. I really dislike dongles. I seem to be ok with Service Center, IK Authorize, and even the Elicenser (YUCK), that said, “I’ve not pirated my software.” I’ve made do with what I could afford, when I could afford it. I’ve done work-arounds, and learned what I had. I feel like I am a better musician for it too. When you learn your stuff, you do better… When you go to pirate everything, you are wasting your own time, and definitely not adding anything good or useful to the world around you.

I’m not going to pretend like I am some such angel, and I’ve committed no sins. Certainly I am responsible for things, I have done in my youth, that are not different from the mistakes most of us make. That is not to say, I have done stuff that would warrant a term in jail. Most for certainly I have not, and I do not have, “a felony,” as we like to call em. But you know, a little bit of a rap sheet, misdemeanors… Lets leave it at that.

I love music, I haven’t pirated my software. Not a fan of the dongle, or even Service C, IK A, and Elicense… I accept them. That’s just the way I feel. ;)

Dongles are a pain in the ass. Steer clear!

I have pirated copies as well for the commercial plugins that i legally use with a dongle. Fuck iLok backup, all extra rubbish services to squeeze more money out of someone than necessary.