New Release: Dozophouriz - Elepliadiana (Dyami001)

New release under one of my alias Dozophouriz on a new label setup with some friends “Dyami Recordings”

“Dozophouriz’s Elepliadiana release is a crazy unique and out there set of productions recorded live with sounds that seem to have come from some alien type world possibly called Elepliadiana, with minds that only think in weird ways to create and do things.”

Download and information can be found here:

Previews also on soundcloud:

Software used is Renoise, rigged up to a few synths (some circuit bent)such as a Korg Prophecy to a Casio CZ-1000, lots of native effects also used and some hardware FX, along with making weird noises to a MIC, get’s quite gritty in places.

strange but interesting experimental ufo ambient thing…
I find very cool sound fx on your project.
I personnaly like your “lapolo” track (available for playback on your soundcloud page), it sounds like voices of alien beasts or alien creatures
You could easily use these sounds on a FPS like “dead space” or everything that needs “alien backgrounds”, for a better immersive game experience.
The “smeukilder” track, sounds like an alien CPU Core System and the “Merkavapop” one an alien radiations detection interface…
good job!

Thanks for the kind comments and detailed feedback on some of the tracks KURTZ, it’s greatly appreicated.

Would be interesting to get into the gaming industry making alien / monster type voices, quite an interesting and strange experience creating those sort of sounds, or though at times you can feel quite confused and lost.

Thanks again.