New Release

i’ve just released an album on the noise-joy net-label,
some mellow/noisy/expreimental stuff…nine tracks all made with Renoise.
you can download it for free at this page and hear some of it at myspace


Listening through the tracks now…

I like the oddness of these tracks. It feels like you’ve approach the music freely and openly in order to find some very peculiar spaces. Must have been fun to make. But what’s the frame and motivation? I’m finding the pieces scant emotionality or argument. Cold mechanical spaces personally don’t make me want to return if they’re largely sounds for sound’s sake.

On the other hand I enjoyed the more Gamelan flows throughout, especially on Ttargus. The title track is nice too.

hey thanks for listening,
yeah it really is a kind of stream of conscious process so far…i’ve only been toying with these weird ideas for a short time, but it seems to be evolving quickly. I think more of a structure will reveal itself as I go along