New Renoise Feature Chosen By Teh Winner

“You will be able to record your guitar while jamming along a song without the need to switch between Renoise and an audio editor.”

pretty awesome! :) this means I can record vocalls (my brother rapping), while the beat is playing, and only the vocalls are recorded right? (considering he wears headphones).

that’s the stuff I was looking for!


:guitar: :guitar:

Fantastic news.

Now we can ‘render’ external MIDI gear straight into renoise. :yeah:

Now with fixed BPM and I hope there might be even Plugin Delay Compensation so we can hook up stuff like Powercore, UAD-1 and the Virus TI with VST thingy… Then I’ll probably pass-out before going totally mental :w00t:

now I can really start to record my pathetic scratching … hooray. :yeah:

excellent feature choice :) this will turn MANY heads in the scene, and i can now (with audio recording) say that renosie lacks very little to other sequencers, and at the same time has so many awesome things none of the others have.

much love to the entire renoise team. you make me want to be gay :)


awesome awesome awesome.
good point about the external midi gear,
that’ll save me from a lot of oldfashion-hassle.

it will be really interesting to see how the routing possibilities will turn
out. i mean, when audio recording gets implemented, there should also be possible to change different audio outputs for the MASTER channel (that is if your soundcard has multiple sets of outputs of course), so that you can route the ‘playback’ to the singer in the basement who uses the headphones on outputs 7-8…

oh yes, it will be so good.

Yes, wouldn’t that be great… It’s probably not implemented yet…

Sewen you bloody legend!

Great work on that you renoise coders…

i think that is MASSIVELY awesome… real keen to check it out!


Sweet! When this is released, I’m going to get an audio interface so I use all my hardware…

I know of two other people that will register when this feature is implemented.

can someone give me a hint about when this version is
gonna be released? like… summer, autuhm, winter???
seems so long since the last version with big changes
got released.

anyway… i almost can’t wait! :D

Don’t get too excited, it doesn’t say if it’ll be able to play audio tracks, or will it only trigger recorded samples. So don’t sell your multitrack recorder yet :) It would definitely be great if it could also act like real audio track player (possibly with vertical “waves” :P), but even basic recording into sample slots will be huge feature for me :w00t:

crosses fingers

that’s the 1 sucky thing about trackers is if you trigger say a vocal track @ the beginning of the song, but you want to hear how it sounds in the middle of the song, you have to listen to the whole thing from the beginning because it doesn’t keep playing if you hit stop and then play somewhere in the middle… :(

yeh like in Deliplayer (
This player calculates each sample where it is if you drop the cursor to any part of song. very handy.

don’t know about it’s accuracy…

is there some kind of vst that we could use in renoise that would do this?


It doesn’t even need to calculate samples, it has real audio tracks. I hope that this new recording feature also means, that Renoise will now be able to route audio inputs to it’s tracks and process it live with effects on them. This would also mean, that it will be possible to record directly into energyXT VST. A dream come true.
And vertical audio tracks would be wet dream come true ;)

What?! Just found this out… Brilliant!!
Same suggestion as I had in mind, really really brilliant!!
No, I mean really brilliant, y’know… great! Woooh!

Awesome. :)