New Renoise Instruments Website

Hallo to all Renoise community.
Since I bought Renoise I created a lot of instruments in .xrni format.
I’m glad to share with you.

Visit re-use

The site is still uder construction,but in the XRNI section you can download some instruments.
I’m waithing for your comments,ideas and suggestion.

Thanks :panic:

cheers! on the dl

Nice black backdrop.


great! :]

Why not add them to the LoopProject where we already have a place for people to find many .xrni and samples from Renoise users?

But thanks, will get on them soon.

thanks for sharing :dribble:

I know Loopproject it’s a great resource for Renoise users,I just try to run a website for my onwn.
Maybe a little bit narcisistic :D

But I have some project for the future to improve my website and my internet publisher skills ;)

All feedbak is appreciated.

Thank you

Nice to see such generous library offer…
You know there is also a library where more people can submit their libraries?

I know,but I like to run my website,I hope don’t hurt none.
And in my website I publishing only my personal files,I will never republish or mirroring other material,from others places.
Maybe tonight I put a link to loopproject

Thanks :)

The more the merrier!

Small site update

Added 3 new .xrni from Moog samples

you can found here RE-use

Thanks for the uploads, the hosting site you’re using is bollocks though.

I’ve downloaded 2 files and got this message three times already.

The server at is taking too long to respond.

Sorry,Teradepot hosting suck,I know,but my web hosting (It’s a free one) don’t permit to me to upload large filesize.
In these days I’m searching to fix these.

Yes, free filehosting sucks sometimes…
You can always register a domain and do the DNS management yourself, meaning you can run a server from your home location and then the only size limitation is the size of your harddrive…
And hosting a HTML server does not need stronger pc than a simple PIII laptop… ;)

These is the idea.
I never do these and I’m not shure how to making it,but in these days I’m going to do some google research.

Thnks ;)

Any chance of all intstruments in one zip? These free sites with their time restrictions etc annoy me. :D

Big thanks for sharing!

Yes I’m thinking about it.
In future updates,I will put a big zip file for each inst.category.
I’m planning to put a new section with samples from my library with mp3 streaming prew.
and more site improving.

suggestions are welcome !

You can always upload your files to loopproject too. Many people prefer small dedicated homepages to large libraries due to noise to signal ratio. :) Just make sure your uploads in loopproject link to your site. You are likely to get extra visitors.