New Renoise Linux User

So I finally switched my audio production (or rather experiments) to Linux. Thanks to the wonderful renoise. I’m really happy about this. Now I’m trying to find the best native plugins available.

As the mda open source site doesn’t provide a 64bit Linux version of their plugins, I compiled them myself.
Just in case anyone wants to use them: mda_vst_linux_64bit.tar.gz

I’m still struggling to use the DSSI plugin of the linux sampler as it doesn’t provide a GUI. I’d appreciate any help with that.

I still need to learn a lot about renoise, but I’m really enthusiastic about it right now.

Thanks for the contribution! Always good to get 64 bit plugins!

Well… luckily 2.8 has a 32 bit plugin bridge so not all is lost.

But uhhh…here, have fun…

VSTs of interest: (the demo WILL save/load presets and banks) (Nekobee == acid gold) (TAL plugs)

LADSPAs of interest:

That’s at least what I can think of off the top of my head…I know there are more out there… you just have to hunt around ;)

My 2 cents,
In a lot of ways less is more. Do not underestimate Renoise’s native DSPs and most of all do not underestimate the power of using a tracker to make music with samples, not virtual instruments. There are lots of great virtual synths - hexter, zynaddsubfx etc but it can be quite liberating to focus on making music without virtual synths.

Qsampler is a QT GUI interface for LinuxSampler, but be aware Renoise’s sample based instruments offer you most of the same things a software or hardware sampler offers, which brings me back to: in a lot of ways less is more.

Thanks for all your hints. I really like to use synths in my tracks for many reasons. TAL noisemaker does just fine for now. I will check out Loomer Aspect too.

I also like the renoise built-in sampler, I just didn’t find many good xrni yet (I know about loopproject).

Zynaddsubfx / Yoshimi is a great source for building renoise instruments. Definitely worth installing just for that reason alone. There’s plenty of presets for it too, and some fantastic pad sounds which can be layered in renoise to create even more complex sounds. I guess it depends what you’re into making really!

Don’t discount hardware either. One or two nice synths can be a lot of fun. Again, a good source for making renoise instruments.

Loomer Aspect is a workhorse, man. I love that thing.

The above suggestions about zynaddsubfx and the like are good. Another awesomely NASTY linux synth is this one: