New renoise made song and EP.

Hello renoisers,

In an effort to preserve some of my music I’ve finalised a few new songs and are dumping them on sound cloud, I’m usually fairly picky with my music but I hope some of you fine folks here might enjoy it.
All renoise and some reactor programming and some of my own synths/effects.

I plan on releasing the rest of the tracks the following days. I’m also working on visuals to go with some of this. More on that later!


ohhhhh,hardcore kick,dude))now i thinking about how to apply this kick in my tracks,or make a whole track with it

Thank you kind Siberian! I’m prepping another release today ! :)

Aaaand, here’s the second track. All renoise, minimal use of vsts, maximum cowbell.


Aaaaaand, another one. More 8550-ish and tickly!