New Renoise-Made Track


that track is made with Renoise, PureMagnetik PM Grand Piano Lite and SID-SimpleTripluse. NoiseMaker is the only vst used here.

What do you think about the composition (the second part sounds a bit unfamililar with the first to me, but maybe it’s different for you), the mix ?(done with headphones, which can’t receive stereo through the jack due to my laptop :lol:)

Thank you if you post some constructive comment about it ! :walkman:

i like the melodies they listen to nicely. the mixdown though sounds like you have done it on headphones indeed. i have also worked a lot with headphones and just like i did most sounds are louder then they should be for a whel balanced mixdown. you could give the kickdrum more body by shelving the low end and take it’s volume down just a little bit.