New Renoise Old Laptop

WinXP Sp3 IBM ThinkPad X30 (SSE Only)

I dusted my old laptop (since its very small it still has its uses plus it works for 4h on battery)…

Firstly Renoise 1.9.1 works fine.

But I have tried to run 2.8.2 - i see splash for 1sec and it crashes:

Version : Renoise V2.8.2 (Nov 19 2013)
Date : 2015-05-23
Time : 11:07:39
OS : WinXP Dodatek Service Pack 3 (i386)

CPU: Found 1 enabled unit(s) with 1 core(s) / 1 logical processor(s) per unit. 1 cores, 1 logical processors are enabled in total.

Application: Showing the splash window...
Application: Initializing the API...

Graphport: Initializing Freeimage...

GraphPort: Initializing DirectX...
GraphPort: Initializing the Font Engine...

CrashLog: Handling Exception! Code : C000001D
CrashLog: 00A75E6C: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00A80F08: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00A81324: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00E7E4DA: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00D6633E: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00D6643D: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00BEB6E0: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00BEB808: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 00BEB855: ??? +00000
CrashLog: 7C817067: RegisterWaitForInputIdle +00049

Closing log file...

Renoise 3.0.1 gives me nothing (literally)- no splash, no crash log, not even a folder when crash log would be…

I can live with 1.9.1 (very nice release), but maybe there is something obvious i can do to run newer version?

Are you trying Renoise 2.1 - the last version with feeling of classic tracker ?

I think it’s more of software problem. Your laptop is old, but its CPU has SSE, therefore it meets all the system requirements. Also, I was able to run Renoise 2.x (don’t rememeber exactly) on laptop with similar power.
Someone from dev team (dblue, taktik…) will be able to give some more information. In the meantime, you can try run some live-USB Linux distro and check if Renoise will run. If it will, it’s definitely software problem.

On a side note: try Sunvox :wink:

2.1 works great

soon i will try renoise on linux and alsohope my external sound card will work

P.S. does renoise uses any OpenGL (this laptop supports only opengl 1.1 lol)

renoise linux 3.0.1 works very well! - ubuntustudio 14.04

what could be the problem with winxp ? drivers?

who cares linux is much better