New Renoise Track

Here’s a new song for you to have fun listening to. It’s called “Messy James” and can be downloaded @

have fun

lol. are you serious?

I played this right before Alter Ego - Vincent Van Dance, and it worked!

So, this could be an intro. Yeppers.

Thats one freaky tune dude! :blink:

WTF? :blink:
R U mockerin’ ?

First off, thanks people up there for the feedback. I’m responded to confusion at critism forums as well as renoise’s board, but because I post them I read replies like that here and again.

Anyway ceejay, no mockerin here, I just enjoy my little side project where I like to make nice little snack tracks. :guitar:

Sorry… probably didn’t get the point.

What about a “ReNoise ShortTrack Project”? :D

ok kill me :rolleyes:

Okay boss, here’s my entry :P

Forgot to include the rns, now start deleting patterns!!

I actually thought about a one-line-per-entry

Sweet removal/addition! :)

Who’s next?