New Renoise Version (2.7) Issues With Copying And Pasting

As the title says, I found that the renoise version 2.7 now is much more difficult to copy and paste entire patterns from the pattern matrix. before it would be simply dragging your mouse over the patterns you wanted to hi-light them in dotted lines and pressing ctrl C and then pasting it, but now it doesn’t work unless I click specifically double click the first pattern so it’s encased in the solid line. Am I the only one having this problem?


PS: the soloing of tracks by right clicking and adding other tracks into the “soloing” area seems to be more difficult to work with too; now if you right click another track to solo it, you can’t right click again to unsolo everything

Have definitely been finding selections in the Matrix and little unpredicable at times but thought that was more likely due to coming back after a long break rather than anything actually changed. Weirdly it behaves different when trying to make a selection if you have Focus Lock Off and in some ways seems easier with it On.

This is related to the Solo and Mute modes which you can select. Old method is still there. New one does have some advantages, although not sure it’s quite perfect…