New software for finding new sounds from VST synths

We have developed a new freeware tool for finding sounds from VST synthesizers. It has been developed using Renoise as a testing platform. The software uses machine learning to analyze VST synthesizer’s presets.

Novel Insight Hypercube VST can be downloaded from here:

Here is link to a video showing how to use the software:

And examples of sounds found using the tool:


What exactly is this tool for? I watched the video two times now and finally begin to understand, but I still don’t get it. Is this something like the orb in Omnisphere? Anyway, thanks for the effort! :slightly_smiling_face:

The software reduces number of parameters to three so it is easier to find new sounds. (The problem is that many VST2 synths don’t allow reading preset values which the software uses so it cannot calculate the parameter reduction. Also there must be many preset values to calculate the parameter reduction and often there is only about 100 hundred parameters per synth).

I have only used Omnisphere 1 I don’t know specifics but it is similar to orb except that it interpolates between different preset values/sounds.