New Song : Belle Of The Belle (feat Hektor Thillet)

Hello everyone,

I will share here my last song, dedicated to my girlfriend.
Feel free to leave your opinion:)


Vocal performance/recording is quite sloppy but I liked the ambient laid back tone. The funky wah-wah sound is cool but it be more beefy, sounds a bit thin as it is. The low end sounds crowded at times, like some of the elements overlapping with the bass (esp the kick).

The mixdown in general sounds like it could use more polishing but other than that it’s a nice tune

Hello emre_k,

Thank you for your listening and your comments on my music:)
I try to listen carefully to your advice on my next pieces.

Funky, housy with 80s influence… nice voice. Is it from you?
As emre_k stated already, the overall recording quality is not that good.

Ok Cie, thank you for your advice.

Voice is an Hektor Thillet sample, found on :