New Song By It-Alien: "A Comet Passing By"

Hi, I’m here with a new song, a space rock one, similar to the ones I have made before that seem to have been quite acclaimed :)

this song has been on my hard disk(s) for quite a long now, and has faced some big issues due to which I had to rewrite it from scratch, basing on a sketch OGG file i had, of course resulting into a totally different song in the end :)

Download from (OGG)
Donwload from (MP3)


I just LOVE your space rock songs!
I also like the weird “progressive something something” of “Life 2.0”.

Amazing… Your music has morphed. Remember Overlook?

thanks for your comments! well, I hate repeating myself. Hopefully, indeed, my next song will be something completely different :)

again :)

Latin jazz? ;)

This one is somehow a flashback. Great tune, as always.

I already did latin jazz, next one will be a firstling :)

wow i really dig it! can’t wait to see what yr ‘firstling’ is too.

This is brilliant! What a journey! Really good sound presentation too. I’d love to be able to do this sort of sound with a live band, so it’s a testimate to your skill that you were able to make this that organic in a computer.

Impatiently looking forward…

Always a pleasure listening to some It-Alien space rock.
Great stuff! As usual… :walkman: :)

I think you just set a new high score :walkman:

Good song! sounds very good. But I will call it prog-rock maybe, not space rock, but thats only my opinion on “space rock” :rolleyes: .

Lot of stuff going on, very dubby with the bass and delays, I likes :slight_smile: