New Song By It-alien: "complex Life Form"

if you already downloaded Renoise 2.5, you have probably noticed that a new demosong by me is available, which is also part of my recently released album “Life 2.0”.

it is a space rock song, and I hope you will have fun with the XRNS file :)

for those not having Renoise 2.5, here it is an OGG version to download and play:
Download OGG

Really amazing track! (Y)
nice the guitar part.

Brilliant stuff.

Enjoyed this. Makes good use of the new Cabinet sim too.

from the brain of the alien

really kl, nice sort of acid vibe… Good work on the drums too, they sound really realistic… i haven’t quite got my head around the whole delay columns and humanizing part yet…

very nice tune italien! totally dig yer proggy thing… i’ve jammed just a handfull of your xrns files, and i think this is the first time i’ve ever seen you use such a high speed as 8 LPB… was always fascinated by loooooow speed tracking.

Long have I waited to hear such a piece from you… This is your style! Yesssss.

Finally downloaded 2.5 and thusly able to hear your demo song!
Gr8! Very dynamic and super-impressed w/ ur guitar synth!
I play guitar myself(lead) and was like whoa, I didn’t know It-Alien played guitar… til I saw it was actually expert tracking! Very realistic!