New Song By It-alien: "dimenticare"

“Dimenticare” (to Forget)

loosely inspired by Bogdan Holownia’s version of Krzystzof Komeda “Rosemary’s baby” theme soundtrack; thanks to looza for letting me discover this precious gem…

the New York Subway Quartet, my quadruple jazzish alter-ego is back, still searching for an audience…

download the OGG file here (5’20", Jazz)

Very well crafted chill vibe, despite being trad I like this. The bass solo is standout, if that’s a vst I’ll go find a hat and eat it. Sax not as good. Brush better.

Not feeling your age I hope ;)

yeah, the sax… I struggled a lot with LinPlus SaxLab to get a better sound, but I still think its predecessor (TubiLeSax) was better.

maybe I should switch back to it.

the doublebass is Spectrasonic Trilogy which, alothough it sucks as a software, it has really good sound, and I have quite mastered it.

do you think I’m getting old then? where’s my annuity?

I do like the track very, very much, and I definately hear the “rosemary”-connection :)

The only flaw is the sax, it does sound quite horrible and synthetic … but I know that there is only so much you can do with VSTs… and some instruments are really not meant to be emulated. But nice work with trilogy.

you really need some jazzband playing that stuff (I think I already wrote that some time ago). no chance of making this happen ? I met a guitarist of a jazzband some time ago who did like my music (he had found it on myspace), I did show him some of my “composition-concepts” (basically just chord-progression/specific moods laid out to some sketches) and we are currently starting to work together abit … beside kicking off a project with guitar/bass/laptop (for beats and sounds) I also gave him some of those concepts with the far goal that some of the stuff I come up with late at night while playing some piano-patch could be atleast a starting point for a real band.
But I think you of all people should be the one going that direction.

Just dug this one out after not listening to it since last year, superb stuff. Definitely one of my fave It-Alien tracks.