New Song By It-Alien: "Evil Angel"

I have just released this new song, a mixture of latin jazz and… hmm… something else. I dedicate this song to my girfriend Francesca, a mixture of an angel and… something else…

get MP3 from

get MP3 from

Nice track, what can i say everything is perfect. It sounds like live band :)

A masterpiece, as usual. Enjoyed this piece a lot, after a long time, thanks. :)

To nitpick a bit, in some parts the song sounds too atonal for a latin jazz, yet in many parts intervals and chords are so lovely, e.g. from 4:24 to the end.

Very vivid and alive. It swings greatly and has this authentic and dynamic feel you are dealing with a live band performing.Thumbs up for this!

Very good tune, sounds great. Difficult style, but it seems you succeed.

Inspired by Diablo Swing Orchestra? :)

I know DSO and like them, but I cannot tell you where the style inspiration came from: I simply follow my flow :)

That’s good info. Anyway, good jazz is always welcome; keep it up :).

As per usual, technically astounding :)