New Song By It-alien: "for A Small Audience"

I’ve released “For a small audience” at Buenzli demoparty. The song came 3rd at the competition, which is my 3rd 3rd place in a row at Buenzli.

I think I could came 3rd even not taking part to the competition :rolleyes:

well, anyway, enjoy this little club jazz song

Great stuf like always… Good dynamics, very human, good little chaos melodies, club feel but all inside Renoise! Delightful. The only detractor would be the sax, sounds a little fake for some reason? The organ is the absolute highlight!

What kits are you using in here?

thanks for your feedback, Foo.

Actually, the song lacks of some refinements, at least for my standards. I had not much time to refine it, and I’m currently making another song, so this one got my attention only in the composition time, which actually took quite less than normal; in a couple of weeks (no vacation time), it was like you hear it now.
Indeed I’m not 100% satisfied with saxophone dynamics and with drums variations, which are a bit too repetitive in the middle. Maybe one day I will release an update, but this is not the right time.

As for the used instruments:

  • double bass is Spectrasonics Trilogy;
  • sax is LinPlug TubiLEsax;
  • organ is AAS LoungeLizard;
  • guitar is MusicLab RealGuitar
  • percussions (conga and shakers) are made with samples in an RNI
  • the drumkit is taken from Native Instruments Baktery Studio Drums collection, the Studio A Kit.

Love it! Truly great stuff! This is the It-Alien I like the most! :) :)

Jazzy, innovative, original, and complex as hell! :)

Love the double bass in the tune and how realistic the instruments sound (except for sax :P)