New Song By It-alien: "il Dolore Delle Rondini"

Hi again,

the concept album “Il Dolore delle Rondini” grows up and finds its title track:
Il Dolore delle Rondini (Swallows’ Pain)”

The general concept of the album is to illustrate the instability of our everchanging times, and with this song I represented it from the side of swallows coming back to the same place when Spring comes, finding it very different from how they left it back in Autumn.

The arrangement is again completely sparse and not canonical, so please forget canons if you really want to enjoy it.

For those who hate OGG format or simply cannot manage to download the OGG file from my site, should add this new song to the album page in about a couple of hours starting from now.

I can only wish I was as productive as this.

Liking this - your interpretation of the changing times theme comes across well. Perhaps a little abstract for my taste but there’s definitely some nice, detailed work gone into this.

Feel free to listen & comment on my new one - In-fatuation - which is on an orchestral tip :)

verry nice …
All done in renoise ?

actually, this song has been started right after the release of “Churches of Umbria”, that is, in the middle of November 2007. Its structure was ready on January, but then the inspiration for “La Rosa dei Venti” came and everything was put on hold. During the weeks between LRdV and IDdR releases I had very little time to finish this last song, so I would not call myself productive: I have a release rate of about 4-5 songs per year, after all…

Anyway it is strange how little time you sometimes need to write an enitre song, and how much time you need to finish it :)

Yes, it has been done entirely on Renoise using Native Instrument Kontakt 2 as sampler, East West Symphonic Orchestra and Garritan as libraries.

two little notices:

1] yesterday I have erroneously uploaded a copy of the OGG files with no ID tags. I have uploaded it again witht eh correct tags, which are:

  • Title: Il Dolore delle Rondini (Swallows’ Pain)
  • Artist: It-Alien
  • Album: Il dolore delle rondini
  • Year: 2008
  • Track: 03
  • Genre: Contemporary classical
    fill them by yourself if they are missing, and if you really want to :)

2] the import of is taking more than I expected: the system told me it needed “120:45” to parse the uploaded file, but I though it meant 120 minutes, but it seems to mean 120 hours :)

awesome!!! can’t wait to check it out tonight!!!
I’m loving your instrumental works a lot, captain

still have to check out your earlier recommended roughness tho ;)

bumping to remind myself to listen and comment… ;)

This is phenomenal! The sound quality is amazing. The only thing I noticed was that some of the piano sounds distorted in places. Not sure if it is an artifact in the encoding or whether it is there in the original. If it is in the original, the first place I’d look is the threshold on the compressor. I know sometimes some compressors get finicky with stuff in the 3 - 7k range.

Anyway, really enjoyed this piece. Look forward to listening to more.


thanks smueske!

there is no compression applied to the sound, actually.

I think that what you experience is the combination of two factors:
1] once in the song, the piano is played on very low registers with quite narrow chords
2] there is a reverb on the whole sound ensamble, with different send levels.

these two factors could indeed cause some strange artifacts.

and thanks for your enthusiasm, of course. If you want more, there are two other songs from the same album (which is unfinished at the moment) downloadable here

there’s not much more to add :D
simply amazing, I really enjoy your orchestral work a lot!

Absolutely superb.

Still need to listen many times to this before I can give a interesting opinion…

It make me think about the soundtrack of the movie Donnie Darko.

Congratulations for this excellent work !

It’s soo sad T_T poor swallows …