New Song By It-alien: "need To Suffer 2005"

Need to Suffer 2005 (10’20" progressive rock / orchestral, 6980KB OGG)

During year 1997, I’ve met what was my deepest musical love: progressive rock.

Since then, my music has been driven to something close to that style, with some influences from my past.

My first progressive rock song was Need to Suffer, a 16 channels XM which took part to Music Contest 5 (a demoscene music contest), ranking as one od the worst :)

The reviews were partly enthusiastic and partly sick of the song, but I still believe that this was one of my best songs ever.

The song suffered of the 4 minutes limits which was imposed over the contest, and of which I was unaware until some days before the deadline, but now it can express its total lenght of more than 10 minutes.

I hope you will enjoy the listening, despite of its complexity ;)

pretty nice… i look up to your complexity of songwriting skills

pretty cool. :)

Your music is like from some kind of dramatic play. You should offer your work to some theaters :)